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Hever, Kent


Summer Parties at Hever Castle

Hever Castle

Discover rose gardens, fountains, outdoor terraces, Tudor herb gardens, boating, croquet, tennis and there's even an outdoor heated pool!

Nothing is more qunitessentially English than a rose garden in full bloom and the award winning rose gardens at Hever Castle display more than 5000 roses creating a kaleidoscope of colour and perfumed aroma's.

As lazy summer days lengthen, Mediterranean-style plantings burst into life all over the Hever Castle Estate with exotic treats such as olives, kiwis, figs and pomegranates.

With acres of glorious vibrant gardens, the Hever Castle estate offers the perfect treat to combine summer living with timeless beauty.

Whether you choose a simple drinks reception on the Tudor Suite Terrace or Loggia Terrace, a barbecue under the camellia clad pergola, or a dinner dance in the lakeide location of the Guthrie Pavilion, the dazzling display of beautifully laid gardens never fails to deliver a summer party venue that impresses at every turn and makes for a perfect corporate party idea.


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