Travelling to and within South East England is quicker that you probably think. From central London delegates can reach all our venues by car or train easily for domestic events, and those events with International  delegates can take advantage of one of the six international airports and a number private airports located within easy travelling distance.


 Take a look at some of the journey times below between major towns and cities, this will give you an  idea of how long it takes to get around the region, (For other journey times try

By Car: Drive time* from central London 

*Estimated journey time on

By Rail:  

Southampton or Brighton can both be reached in 1hr 20mins or less from central London by train, and this is just the start... Travelling to and around South East England is very straight forward with  major stations in almost every town and city, Venues  that don't have  a station within walking distance are only a short taxi ride away or often provide a shuttle service. . 

Use to take a look at you delegates possble journey times



View the South East England Rail network map here

By Aiport:  

British Airways i360, image courtesy of Visual Air