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Enjoy Summer Fun and Team Building at De Vere Beaumont Estate

De Vere Beaumont Estate

Make your summer party unforgettable at De Vere Beaumont Estate. Our versatile outdoor spaces are the perfect backdrop for any activity, paired with top-notch amenities for a seamless experience.

Explore De Vere Beaumont Estate, the quintessential venue for your summer gathering, situated just 10 minutes from Egham station and a 15-minute journey from Heathrow airport. Our estate merges seamless accessibility with a serene ambiance, perfect for organisations in search of a setting that offers both ease and tranquillity for their summer events.

Our estate features 45 adaptable meeting rooms and 429 comfortable bedrooms for your guests. Beyond the confines of indoor areas, our extensive 42-acre parkland offers limitless possibilities for outdoor summer activities. We also provide 550 complimentary onsite car parking spaces and ensure connectivity with 1 GB of WiFi available up to 100 metres on the grounds, catering to all your needs.

From engaging challenges amidst our natural landscapes to lively games beneath the summer sun, our estate creates an invigorating setting for team building and development during the warmer months. We take pride in our collaborations with esteemed partners such as Firebird Events, KDM Events, and GOTO Events, each contributing their distinct touch to summer events.

With a wide array of activities like 'It’s a Knockout', 'GPS Spy Missions', and even chances to set a new World Record, the choices are abundant. Engage in captivating experiences such as Falconry, Segway Races, and Duck Herding. These activities aren’t just fun; they’re effectively designed to build teamwork and communication skills.

Our commitment to tailoring a unique experience for each group is what distinguishes us. Understanding that every team is unique, we engage closely with you and our experienced partners to craft activities that resonate with your specific goals for the summer.

Get in touch with us at or call 01753 640000 to discuss your next summer event!

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