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The Spirit of Cliveden

Cliveden House


Events at Cliveden House

The Spirit of Cliveden

When a House is as beautiful as Cliveden, it's only right that it has been at eh centre of so many moments in history. Cliveden’s immersive experiences are steeped in a rich and colourful history of over 350 years and its iconic location is the ideal setting for extraordinary bespoke experiences: from creative corporate messaging to those more humorous interpretations, and every nuance in between. Be it drinks, dinner or a more elaborate affair, the evening included a near endless cast of characters including some of
the most notable names in history: Nancy Astor - “What glass ceiling?”; Queen Victoria - the original Empress of globalisation; Winston Churchill - who could have more to say about motivation?; Madame de Pompadour – a woman who knew what she wanted, and got it; Ernest Shackleton - if you have a bold idea, be bold enough to own it; and Christine Keeler - no one knows better the pitfalls of celebrity.

Cliveden's immersive dining experiences hold theatre and authenticity at their heart. Guests enter a narrative, engage and, without realising it, become part of the story.

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