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Saturday Night Fever Comes to the Royal Maritime Hotel

Royal Maritime Hotel


Party Nights at the Royal Maritime Hotel

Saturday Night Fever Comes to the Royal Maritime Hotel

Every last Saturday of the month starting from Saturday 29th June, the Royal Maritime Hotel will be hosting disco party nights in the 'Below Decks' event space. The Disco party nights will feature a live DJ and a taste of nostalgia with hit music from the 70s,80s, and 90s. There is no cover charge but there will be plenty to drink with a full bar serving buckets of beer and prosecco specials. The party starts at 8.00 pm and goes on until midnight. The Horatio's Restaurant is available for those who would like to have dinner before partying.
The 'Below Decks' function room creates an atmosphere of being on board a Navy ship. The décor has overhead beams and pipework, engine room features, and a ship's bell. This room offers a function room with a mixture of fun and navy traditions, a large dance floor, and mood lighting. The room is soundproof and ideal for late-night parties.

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